When my father-in-law bought property in Pullman, we spent time driving around and dreaming of what we could do with the property for the betterment of the community. Those dreams lead to People Helping People and our initial years of doing small projects here and there to help people in Pullman.

We soon recognized that it was hard to pull the community together, hard to find places to bring people in to volunteer, and we needed a safe place for events, worship, bathrooms, outreach programs, etc. With the opening of The Linking Center, we’ve further seen our goal of community betterment coming to fruition. In addition to the programs People Helping People offers, we’ve seen a contagious momentum with other groups wanting to use The Linking Center to grow their own ministry in Pullman, too. The community is coming together!

As a board member, I sometimes need to pinch myself when I see what is already going on at The Linking Center. We are so blessed to have a building and property paid for, enabling us to look beyond the financial barrier of space to the spiritual journey of calling, and I can’t wait to see what years five and ten might look like. In addition to the community transformation that is already beginning to take place, I hope we can continue to develop the PHP property in a way that enhances the community and our partners. I pray we could one day even provide leadership and solutions to the housing needs in Pullman.

Daris DeGroot
Board President