Partner Programs

To best serve the Pullman community, People Helping People partners with other organizations to equip community members to reach their potential.

Current Partners

Bloomingdale Schools

People Helping People shares a close relationship with Bloomingdale Schools. Teachers and the PHP team partner to serve youth in the community, encouraging them in their learning and growth.

Kids’ Food Basket

To ensure youth have access to healthy meals in the summer after school is out, Kids’ Food Basket partners with People Helping People to distribute meals to families in need.

Allegan Adult Education

With open enrollment for all adults who have not completed their HS education, Allegan Adult Education offers free GED classes and testing as well as Career Readiness skills, at PHP’s Linking Center.

Community adults broaden their skills to reach their potential through classes at our facilities.

Other Partners

Partner with Us

Reach out to our staff to learn more about how your organization can partner with People Helping People.